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Halsey by VIIIFireLordAxel
The quality's pretty ehhhhhhh, because this was a gift for a friend and I only had time to snap a quick image on my phone before giving it to her. 

Took about liiiiiiiiiiiiike 5-6ish hours I think? Idk I drew it at the end of last semester and tbh it's all kind of been blurry
Axel Makeup Test Run by VIIIFireLordAxel
Axel Makeup Test Run
We're just gonna ignore the fact that I completely forgot his tattoos... it's Lea, okay? 

So I'm really not even doing this cosplay, I kinda just got bored and wanted to mess around. Much like Kairi when I did a makeup/wig test for her.

I also wanted to take another stab at concealing my eyebrows, which went... not as well as I'd hoped tbh. I can't find a good concealer for it. I think cause maybe all my concealers are water-based, and glue is water soluble? Yeah, let's go with that. I ended up using my very expensive tarte foundation which, in hindsight i probably shouldn't have bothered wasting lol. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Emily. Unless you want to address me by my username, just Emily will do. There's nothing that I could say here, really, that you couldn't figure out while browsing through my page. I am an artist (NOT a drawer. Drawers are for utensils), an author, a cosplayer, and an aspiring violinist. I'm a gaming freak, which pretty much makes me that one fat kid that's fifty times more popular on the internet than in real life. Oh well. At my age, I don't have a whole lot to live for yet, anyway.

Current Residence: The World That Never Was
Favourite genre of music: Victoriandustrial
Favourite photographer: Tristyn Baumgartner (alwaysthrowbagels)
Favourite style of art: ALL ART IS GOOD ART
MP3 player of choice: Ipod(:
Personal Quote: "When in doubt, hit it AS HARD AS YOU CAN"
1. I hate my name. Well, my last name's okay, I guess. But Emily sucks.
2. My favorite cosplay is Link from Legend of Zelda. I'm sewed the whole thing myself.
3. No, I do not have a pattern for it and if I did, no, I will not give it to you.
4. In case you just tuned in, I cosplay.
5. I hope you were sitting down.
6. I love watching Ellen Degeneres.
7. My parents raised me to be Christian. I am dragged to church almost every Sunday, oftentimes against my will. My faith wavers. I like to study many world religions, and I don't feel it's my place to say which is right.
8. If you give me bitchy religious ultimatum, I will not listen to you. I won't even blink. In other words, don't bother.
9. I do enjoy a good Tim Burton film. No, that does not make me dark, and if you really understood Tim's work you would understand that his characters are not dark either. In fact they often hide a very gentle and happy personality behind a dark face. That's the whole point.
10. I don't hate or love pickles. So HA. I won't eat them plain but I think they are acceptable on Big Macs.
11. If you romanticize self-harm, suicide, or depression in any way, I will not speak to you, and you will have a permanent spot on my hate list.
12. My hate list includes everyone in the world that hasn't proven themselves likeable to me. However, there are levels of severity for people that aren't strangers.
13. I listen to Emilie Autumn. No, I am not emo. She is an accomplished violinist and she does spread a decent message behind the ridiculous theatrics.
14. Because I am stuck up, I consider myself to be the second best artist in my school. The first, incidentally, is on my hate list until I pass him out.
15. Yes, I write.
16. Yes, most of the time it is fan fiction.
17. No, I do not like the idea nor the concept of fan fiction. I believe that it's mooching off someone else's ideas and that good authors should come up with their own stories. But whatever, I'm addicted.
18. Yes, sometimes I write smut.
19. No, I do not get off to it.
20. Yes, the blue notebook you see my lugging around all the time is my book, the book I always refer to. It's called Perfectionist, and it was originally a fan fiction before I came up with my own names.
21. I am working on getting it copywrited. Do not try and steal my story.
22. I LIKE YAOI. Yep. And you can all shut up about it. If guys are allowed to get off to lesbian porn, then I am allowed to make kawaii eyes at shounen-ai.
23. Needless to say, I am pro gay rights. Oh, are you religious? Me too. Go read Leviticus, ALL of Leviticus, and then tell me you aren't a f*cking hypocrite. If they're all going to hell, then I guarentee that you are too.
24. I play the violin. Predominantly, I play video game music, but if anyone's looking to learn, I take personal lessons and self-teach using the Suzuki books.
25. I can get very obsessive. That's the scorpio in me.
26. Don't ask me anything unless you want an answer of the bluntest, rudest variety. If I offend you, I'll make sure to apologize from the bottom of my heart for being honest.
27. I tend to put things off to the last minute.
28. I really miss last year's Prom.
29. If you know why I probably won't get invited to Prom next year, know that I ain't sorry about it, and I'd totally do it again.
30. I don't want to graduate.
31. Oftentimes I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if I'm gonna make it in the world.
32. I probably won't because I'm prone to failure.
33. Leonardo DaVinci is my favorite person in history. He was totally a boss.
34. If you ask me "Is that that guy that cut his own ear off?" I might kill have to kill you.
35. I like steam punk. That doesn't make me hipster.
36. Sometimes I dress hipster. But lololol I'm too ugly for that and over 10% of my body weight is fat. Therefore, I am not a hipster.
37. Don't tell me I'm not fat. Seriously, I don't say it to patronize myself, I say it because it's a fact. Also, if you are larger than me, than I probably consider you fat too.
38. Although I'm not gonna bother stating my current hair color here, since it's in my dA ID, I will say that, whether it was intentional or unintentional, my hair has either been dyed or has faded to every color of the rainbow, including black, white, and even grey.
39. I spell it grey. Not gray.
40. Speaking of which, I have not read 50 Shades of Grey, so don't ask me about it. I will not ever read 50 Shades of Grey, unless my own book ever becomes published.
41. I feel as though I am running out of things, but I really wanted to get to one hundred.
42. I have a pretty large following on FFnet.
43. My username on FFnet is KingdomFlameVIII.
44. I totally just promoted myself. Oops
45.Obviously I'm much more popular on the internet than I am in real life. That's because in real life, people are put off by my blunt honesty and my lesbian hair and my inner (outer) gamer girl, wheras online people embrace it.
46. For the record, I'm not a lesbian.
47. Please stop asking my brother if I'm a lesbian. And please stop asking me if my brother's gay. F*cking cowards should at least be able to ask us to our faces.
48. Sometimes I crave company, but when I do, I'm far too proud to admit it, because it just sounds so high school.
49. Just because I wear hoodies in the summer time (and pretty much all the rest of the time) does not mean I cut my wrists.
50. I really miss being fifteen. I did so many things when I was fifteen.
51. Driving sucks.
52. I love babies. But I don't think I want one, ever.
53. Don't even try to use my lack of a significant other to insult me. I'm single because I'd rather wait and see which of the whiny boys grow into decent men. High school relationships never last anyway.
54. That kind of makes me sad, because the same thing applies to friendships. And I really love my friends.
55. The reason I think I really love my friends is because I'm very picky about them. So if you've heard me tell you the words "you are my friend" (not to be confused with a passive "yes" if you've asked me if I am your friend) then I probably love you.
56. I'm ridiculously easy to anger.
57. I like expensive things, though I don't find them necessary. I'm fine with simple things, too.
58. I really like to burn stuff. I mean like, I reeeeeeeeeally like to burn stuff. Especially stuff that smells good and/or things that make pretty colors when they burn.
59. Sometimes I watch Star Trek reruns with my dad.
60. I think that once people turn thirty, they lose all of their spontaneity.
61. Once, I owned a fish named Willy. Willy Survive. He didn't.
62. I've always loved rats. I believe them to be very intelligent, very charming creatures. I once had a friend who had a rat named Par-cheesy. Ever since then, I've wanted one.
63. Even though many of my old friends have forgotten me, I never forget a friend. Even if I don't like them anymore, I still remember them.
64. My first friend's name was Tia. She was white. One day her and her mom just up and left, without a word. I often wonder what happened to her.
65. My oldest friend's name is Virgina. I've known her since I was four.
66. I've been known to talk too much.
67. Sometimes I cry really hard, for absolutely no good reason. I think it's because my subconscience tries to get rid of the pent up emotion that my rational mind will simply not allow through. So if you ever see me doing that, don't concern yourself, because chances are I'm not really upset about anything.
68. Very few people know how to prove me wrong. This is because I never start an argument unless I am absolutely certain of what I'm talking about.
69. I don't care what you do to try an sway me, you are probably not going to change my opinions of you, or anything else.
70. It's not that I refuse to change my mind, ever. It's just that I don't like having it changed for me.
71. I wrote a note like this called "30 random things" almost exactly two years ago. That's kind of scary to me. Because I remember writing it, and I remember the place I was, mentally, when I wrote it. I wrote this revision out of boredom and the fact that I cannot STAND poor grammar.
72. If you PM me, and something you say is grammatically incorrect, I either won't talk to you or I'll correct you.
73. I like to watch Anime, but I cannot stand  reading Manga. I also can't stand people who are rabid fans of Anime OR Manga.
74. I don't care if you are a rabid fan of something. I'm a rabid fan of Kingdom Hearts. But that doesn't mean I feel like listening to you ramble about your obsession 24/7, just like you don't wanna listen to me ramble about my obsession 24/7.
75. I am THE LEAST photogenic person on the face of this planet. I'm too conceited to just flat out say I'm ugly. Obviously it's the camera, not me.
76. Sometimes I really wish I had long hair again. On days like those, I put a wig on and get over it.
77. To clear it up for anyone who was wondering, I cut all my hair off because when it's long, it's monstrously difficult to manage. It's thick and knots easily and good days are hard to come by. Short, it looks pretty much the same every day.
78. I squeal when I get excited. One of the only feminine traits I have. Oh, and I like to bitch.
79. I use cursewords a lot. One of my many Vices.
80. If you didn't just think about "Vices and Virtues," chances are we can't be friends.
81. I tend to be more attracted to guys with long hair.
82. Which is sure to bring up many social faux pas, much like when a girl dates a boy that is shorter than her or younger than her.
83. I also like guys with accents.
84. I got this teddy bear. And if I'm in my own bed, I can't sleep without it. Which is a strange contradiction, because generally people bring their special blanket/pillow/stuffed animal/etc to unfamiliar places so that they can sleep. But not me.
85. I have no qualms against making you cry if you piss me off.
86. I hold grudges forever.
87. Unless we are particularly close: if you've ever made me hate you before and then apologized for it later, and then I said it was okay? I probably still hate you.
88. The only times I tell lies such as these is when I'd much simply prefer the person to SHUT UP.
89. I'm medically inclined, yet I have no intentions of becoming a doctor.
90. I prefer watching foreign movies dubbed, because subtitles are annoying.
91. I don't like today's music. Not because I'm a hipster. I'm so sorry if I can't tolerate people shouting lyrics that have no meaning into an auto-tuner, backed my synthesizer. I prefer real voices, and real instruments.
92. Instead of getting crushes on celebrities, I get crushes on fictional characters.
93. My first crush on a fictional character was Crash Bandicoot. Which is pretty flippin strange, since he's like, a fox or something. Oh well, shut up, I was like, six. I got over him really quick when I saw my cousin playing Final Fantasy VII.
94. I believe in faeries, extraterrestrial life, and mermaids, but not love at first sight.
95. Not to sound that the stereotypical teenager, but I really want a tattoo. Not to be badass or rebellious or anything like that. I just romanticize the idea of turning my body into a canvas.
96. What can I say? I like to create.
97. When people that draw stick figures ask me what tools I use to make art, thinking that drawing with expenisive pencils can make you a better artist, I take pride in saying: BIC mechanical pencils, Crayola colored pencils, and Sharpie pens.
98. I am by no means the best at anything, though I am a Perfectionist. See what I did there?
99. Well, I've reached the end of my list.
100. And I'm still bored :/
  • Listening to: Save Rock and Roll- Fall Out Boy
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Eating: Tortilla Chips and Guacamole
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

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But the issue is that I like fictional characters, but then I end up shipping them with OTHER fictional characters. Then there's a struggle of who I want to be together more
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